Thank you, Molly

IMG_4507 M eyes webIMG_1323 M flowers webIMG_1135 M modem webSaid goodbye and thank you for 18.5 years to sweet Molly on December 5, 2014.

She was a delightful dickens, a dignified lady and a rescue-rescue. A friend’s daughter saved a pregnant kitten some boys threw into a canal. Molly (and her litter mate MacKenzie) were among the seven kittens.

Molly was always tiny, made a game of everything, inspected everything and “helped” every worker here, including the man from the cable company who insisted on meeting her when he came to reclaim the modem that died after she coughed up a fur ball right into the ventilation holes!

She came when called, loved to snuggle under covers and in the basket of clothes fresh from the dryer, was a fan of salmon and feta cheese and enjoyed batting plastic bags and pawing through the pages of magazines.

She was gentle when playing with foster kids, loved hanging with my Mom (and sharing her Doritos) and purred loudest when getting belly kisses. So glad to have had her in my life. She left her paw prints on my heart.


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